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Cellular Coverage Where You Need It - Large Enterprise Solutions

An in building cellular repeater system enables the use of wireless devices, technologies, and applications indoors, where signal was previously weak or unavailable. These solutions can be installed in nearly any infrastructure including hospitals, hotels, office buildings, manufacturing facilities, campus environments, and high-rise buildings. A wireless infrastructure can support cellular coverage (3G/4G), WLAN, public safety and emergency response communications, along with other industry related technologies.

Seamless Cellular will design and install a cellular repeater system to meet your specific wireless voice and data requirements, enabling your employees and visitors to have uninterrupted wireless coverage and instant access to essential wireless business applications. Our staffs extensive experience coupled with state of the art engineering ensure the implementation of an effective and trouble free cellular amplifier system specific to your facility and needs.

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Featured Amplifier

4g Cell Phone Repeater

Multi-Carrier Band-Selectable Repeater

3G/4G 85dB Supports Cell/PCS/LTE/AWS

Covers up to 125,00 square feet


An in building cellular repeater system from Seamless Cellular will generate more revenue and dramatically increase customer satisfaction. In today's wireless world, business and leisure travelers rely on wireless voice and data services in their hotel rooms, as well as conference rooms and hotel common areas. Connection with family and business colleagues is essential while traveling, making clear and reliable cellular coverage a major factor when potential clients choose where to stay or where to schedule a business function.

In Building Cellular Repeater

in building cellular amplifier


A fully integrated fiber based in building Wireless Solution from Seamless Cellular enables the deployment of Cellular/PCS (3G/4G), WLAN, Wireless Telemetry, emergency response, and other frequencies, all utilizing the same DAS therefore significantly cutting cost. Many leading healthcare organizations are embracing wireless technology to address their clinical, business, and regulatory challenges. Improve cell phone reception in your facility or building with a cell phone repeater system. The benefits of implementing in building wireless technology include staff accessibility anywhere anytime, expedited response time in emergency situations, and seamless mobility with immediate communication and information access throughout the entire healthcare enterprise. In the hospital environment, where patients and medical staff are constantly moving, Seamless Cellular provides wireless technology making communication much easier to manage.


The need for seamless, clear and reliable communication in the corporate office environment is essential in today's wireless world. Companies are relying on wireless to support critical business applications designed to increase productivity in sales, service, and overall business performance. With PDA's such as Smartphones, Blackberrys, and iPhones now so prevalent, a Seamless Cellular indoor cellular system is an absolute necessity in order to function competitively inside buildings with marginal or non-existent in building signal. A weak wireless signal and repeated dropped calls could hinder the way you do business. A cellular repeater for your large building will prevent such occurances and make sure your company is able to conduct busines throughout your building or facility.

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indoor cellular


In the manufacturing industry, clear and reliable communication is crucial to the efficiency of the facility. With an ever-moving work force, reliable cellular communication is a must to increase productivity and efficiencies while decreasing expenses. Seamless Cellular can provide a wireless solution for all types of manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and other types of industrial buildings based on your specific budget and needs.


Educational institutions face an ongoing challenge of providing a safe and productive learning environment, while enlisting qualified students, recruiting quality faculty, and offering an optimal educational experience. With today's technology, students and staff require seamless wireless coverage in classrooms, lecture halls, labs, libraries and dorm rooms. Seamless Cellular can provide an in building wireless solution enabling wireless access in older buildings in which cellular coverage is non-existent, provide optimal campus security with a seamless wireless network campus wide, and offer faculty and students a more collaborative and creative learning environment.

Additional Applications


Police and Fire, Federal, State and County Buildings, Military Facilities

Public Venue

Stadiums, Shopping Malls, Museums, Retail Outlets, Night Clubs

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